Monday, September 22, 2008

Huge mobile = small penis?

I know I was complaining about my brick-sized Nokia N95, but it's a freaking feather compared to this behemoth from the 1980's;

The state-of-art mobile telephony device was released by Telecom back in 1987 at the bargain basement price of $6700, and had a talk time of 1 hour.

I love the handy carry strap.

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Kezza said...

Oh sexy. Every man should have one I think!

I remember the first mobile my olds ever had was one of those terribly suave motorola attache phones which weighed about 15 bloody kilos. Most inconvenient convenience item ever!

Nanna said...


Are you Big Phone = Small Penis?

Or are you the exception to the rule?

Ben said...

Ha ha ha...

Mine's goldilocks thank you very much