Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monkey bottom smelly faeces urinal cake

I just sent my housemate those exact words in an email. I don't know why. I'm obviously in a very strange mood.

Possibly not a great idea to send them via our heavily monitored government email addresses. I mean, we can't even say "bugger" in an email without it getting blocked. We're obviously distraught and need to express our exasperation at a certain situation, and are not referring to the act of penetrative anal sex! Well not always.

But anyway, I typed "monkey bottom smelly faeces urinal cake" into Google image search and got Prince Harry;

Not really sure how the ginja-ninja prince relates to any of that, but maybe he has a fetish we don't know about.

Now lets see what perverts are directed to my site now with that sort of post title.


Kezza said...

I don't know, but somehow I don't have too much difficuly visualising a link between monkey bottom smelly faeces urinal cake and Prince Harry, call me odd if you will but Ithink it fits nicely!

Anonymous said...

Crazier than a coconut Benji. Crazier than a fucking coconut