Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Which one would you do?

The earth's gravitational field is about to mysteriously fail in 2 hours time. The only way to prevent this disaster from happening (and from us floating off the planet) is to screw a celebrity silly.
Jules De Martino (left) and Katie White, better known as pommy dance/rock/pop duo "The Ting Tings". Love both singles so far - "That's Not My Name" and "Great DJ"

So the choices are the kinda hot drummer dude (Drummers have a inbuilt sexiness that I can't explain) or the slightly trashy-looking, but definitely sexy blonde (she looks a younger Madonna in the film clip for Great DJ).

I gotta go with the drummer this time round. Hmmm... drums.

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Seth said...

Who the fuck are these people??? Never heard of them.