Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Got stinky balls?

This wins the award for the most unnecessary product of the year. Balla, scented powder for men. But what sort of powder? Ball powder.


According to their website -

"Balla Powder for Men is the ideal anti-chafing and anti-wetness solution for clammy sacks. Guaranteed to prevent the dreaded 'bat wing' syndrome, Balla Powder for Men is lightly scented with a masculine fragrance, for anyone else who plans to work in your close quarters. Can be sprinkled into your fudgies for all-day-long comfort and dryness. A fabulous post-workout treatment, Balla Powder for Men can also be used between your cheeks, as well as on fetid feet and aromatic armpits."

Can't say I've suffered from overly moist balls. Pretty sure Kat has though.

Thanks to towleroad for the best laugh I've had for a while

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