Monday, July 21, 2008

The Lactating Nana Wins!

And it finally comes to an end...
The winner of Big Brother 2008, the final Big Brother (for now at least) is 52 year old nanna, Terri.

I couldn't be happier that she won. Not that I think she is the best person on the planet (Pauline Hanson sympathisers/supporters tend to shit me), but her win signifies a change in the stereotypical winner of past seasons.

Take last years winner - Alisha, a blonde bimbo. Previous year's winner, Jamie, a blonde himbo (with a donkey sized doodle though). So it's refreshing that a real person with a well developed work ethic and back story wins the prize. Maybe if they did some casting like that in previous years we wouldn't have got so bored with it all.

It wasn't much of a series. Not much prize money and not that many great prizes (sponsorship must have really dropped off) and the housemates weren't that exciting. Kyle and Jackie O really didn't cut it as hosts either.

It was good while it lasted - time to put it out of its misery.

Thanks to David at TV Tonight for the pic - I love this shot of Terri.

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