Monday, July 28, 2008

My fave video right now...

Sometimes a crap song can be saved by a great film clip, and this is the case for the new Weezer song "Pork and Beans".

While it's a fairly forgettable song, the only reason I think I has got any air play is that the film clip rocks.

It's pretty much a homage to every internet viral video sensation over the past five or so years. You know - those little clips you get in your inbox that show some fat kid doing something in his bedroom (no, not that) or the guy that thinks he's a ninja and wants to impart his special skills on the world.

There are so many references in the clip, and I don't recognise many of them. But these are my favourites;

Chris Crocker - the "leave Brittney alone" guy
Caitlin Upton - the dumb-arse Miss Teen USA contestant who thinks a lack of maps is what's wrong with education in America
Daft Hands and Daft Bodies - two fan videos for daft Punks "Harder, faster, Stronger" where they had the works to the song written on their hands/bodies.
Will it Blend? - a guy that puts things in a blender and sees what happens. My favourite was the glow sticks.
Mentos and Diet Coke Eruptions - we all know that you put mentos in a soft drink and it pretty much explodes, well these look awesome in the back ground of the film clip.

There are lots more (god knows why K-Fed is in there though?), so check out the clip above. The song will grow on you, I guarantee it.

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