Monday, July 28, 2008

I smell a cross-promotion

Is there no stopping the force that is Jennifer Hawkins? In addition to being super hot, and from all reports "a really nice person", there is news this morning that Jen has launched a range of swim wear called "Cozi".

Good on her. I don't begrudge people cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame while they can, and Jen has been doing very well getting on TV shows - The Great Outdoors, Dancing with the Stars and several guest appearances on the Apprentice in the US (the Trump just loves her guts).

And now she's got a new show coming out. Jen will host"Make Me A Supermodel" on Seven. It's basically America's/Australia's Next Top Model, but with male and female contestants.

But suspicious Benji smells an opportunistic cross-promotion happening here.

Her swim wear line is released ten days before the premiere of her new show? That's got to give Seven some extra publicity.

I can also imagine there will be a swimsuit task in the show, and I'm sure they will be wearing Cozi brand dicktogs and bikini's. More money for Jen when all the little girls demand mum and dad buy some of her togs.

Now I'll be forced to watch every episode of Make Me a Supermodel just to see if I'm right... yeah, like I wasn't going to be watching it anyway.
(Pic from TV Tonight)

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