Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to look more buff?

Some men do the weirdest things to their body.

In New York, where all the fit, beautiful people hang out, men are resorting to a extreme, and slightly bizarre measures to pick up in clubs. They are slathering their torsos with Preparation H in an attempt to seem more ripped and thus land the loveliest ladies.

When asked describe the practice one guy said "The way you use it is to take your shirt off and rub it all over yourself before you go to the club. If you want to get [lucky], you have to know how to dance, and if you want girls to dance with you, you have to look ripped."

Preparation H is a haemorrhoid cream that works by constricting the blood vessels on the area to which its applied - reducing swelling and water retention. It's apparently a great relief when applied to a sore anus (not that I'd know what that feels like), and some movie stars claim its great for bags under the eyes.

Competitive body builders have used it for many years. It can provide an instant reduction in swelling and make certain muscle groups more distinct - especially the abs.

This strange little ritual seems to be only perpetrated by straight men. Fucking weirdos.

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