Friday, June 6, 2008

You gotta be gay to report on the gossip?

From the Australian comes an interesting article about how the gays are taking over the gossip world.

Traditional "entertainment" reporters on the networks are slowly being replaced by gay men - camp gay men. Can you blame them really? Nine has Richard Wilkins who looks like a dried up old ham, and Ten has old battle axe Angela Bishop who is looking more like her mum every day.

Nelson Aspen on Sunrise seems to be the cause of all this. He first started appearing once a week, then daily and is now so popular, he appears three times a day. While he's not too flamboyant, he definitely has a gayness to him.

Next came Richard Reid on Today. It's a bit bizarre that Richard Wilkins seems to interview him every day. I think they're just trying to find something for old Wilks to do.

My favourite though is Adam Richard on 9am with Dave and Kimmie. Big, fat and camp as tits, he is just a whole heap of fun. I think he does play up the camp routine just a little, but it's great to see how he makes David Reyne squirm sometimes.

Then we have the gossip blogs on the net. Perez Hilton is out and proud, while Michael over at dlisted is also gayer than the front row of a Kylie concert.

So are there any straight entertainment/gossip reporters out there? Does this mean Jessie "James" Tobin who does entertainment reporting on sunrise is gonna come out of the closet soon?
Sorry Kat... your man crush is potentially gay.

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