Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm offended...

I like blogs. I like reading my favourites, searching for new ones, and leaving my opinion on the comments sections. Sure, it generally contains a link back to this blog, but hey, I need to publicise my writing.

Some blog owners like to moderate the comments before they get published. Fair enough really. There are some real retarded people out there who have very fucked up opinions especially when it comes to the gays.

But I was really pissed off to find one of my comments wasn't published recently. Sam De Brito has a blog on (I'm not linking it as they can get fucked) - and he pondered the question about condoms and why people seem to be not using them as much.

I simply responded with a "As a gay man, it scares me that I have often been approached to have sex unprotected. Very scared." Nothing provocative, offensive or out there with that I thought.

But nothing. Nada. Zip. No comment published for Benji.

Is Sam a little bit homophobic and didn't want the gays to infiltrate his readership? Is Sam worried about his own heterosexuality and maybe he does like the doodle (He does have a pretty boy look about him)? Or was simply that Sam was blown away by my own writings and was instantly insanely jealous of my blog, and just refused to publish any more of my genius?

Who knows... I now refuse to read his blog ever again.

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