Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doppelganger Alert

 A friend of a friend posted this picture to facebook of my friend's boyfriend waiting to get to coffee;

And fuck me - that coffee guy could easily be my double. He's got the hair and the eyebrows, but the beard is fuller and bushier.

But - he does have the type of arms and body I want on myself - so I am going to use the gentleman as my aspirational pic for my new "healthy living regime".

Get fit, get healthy, get happy - I'm gonna make it happen.

Apparently it was taken in a coffee shop in Ashgrove - I might have to go there and track this guy down to see what he looks like from the front.


phishez said...

Holy Shit, thats so cool!

This is the year for me to get back on track too. I'm more active now, and have begun naturally ewating better too.

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