Monday, February 27, 2012

Dying on stage...

2012 is a year to challenge myself... and boy, did I mange to do that last night.

I actually got up on stage and did a 5 minute stand up routine.

Sweet fucking Jesus.

The running list - number 10

My mate Andrew and I signed up to do a six-week stand up comedy course late last year. It was a series of workshops designed to get you writing and performing comedy. It culminated with a performance of your work in front of a live audience. We ended up with close to 200 people in the room.

I was close to having a major panic attack as the night went on - I knew my jokes were funny, but I was petrified about getting up on stage. And as each of the other guys performed, my confidence shrank and shrank - they were all so fucking excellent.

When it was my turn though, nerves just disappeared. I was well-paced, calm, and apparently very fucking funny - or so I have been told. I can't actually recall most of the set.

I did forget one "chunk" of material, but it didn't really matter, and my last joke fell very flat, which was disappointing. It had worked well in every rehearsal.

Afterwards I was buzzed with adrenalin - I don't know if I could ever do it again, but it was a very positive experience.