Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good news everybody!

My liver is no longer fighting Hep C... I was at the stage where a very aggressive treatment regime was set to begin, but the last round of blood tests have shown that not only my liver working better, but there is no sign of the infection.

Hep is a strange disease in that your body can actually fight it off and you will naturally pass it, but that usually happens within the first 6 months. If it doesn't pass in that time, they treat it with interferon, which will make your hair fall out, give you extreme nausea, have a major negative effect on mood just to name a few of the side effects.

For me it took almost 12 months, which is not unheard of but uncommon.

And more good news... I have found somewhere to live. I've been staying with my parents (sigh) after my place good flood damaged. They've been overseas for the last few weeks, so I've had some space.

But next weekend I'm moving back to the city (New Farm) and will be close to my friends and my life again.

But the bad news... I broke up with my boyfriend on Wednesday.


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Damien Oz said...

Great to hear about the liver and the place.

Sorry re the boyf :(

I know the pain.