Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet dreams...

I'm standing in a petrol station , my wallet is almost empty, I don't recognise the currency that's left.

The attendant is speaking to me in a very strange accent. He hands me a coffee, and says "That's how we make coffee in these parts."

I walk outside. It's cold, bitterly cold. I appear to be only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. My feet are bare.

I sit at a bench, and look around. I can see the ocean off in the distance, but all around me are fields and farming equipment.

I look down at the table and see a road map. It's either Canada or Alaska. I'm not sure.

I feel cold, alone, broke and scared, but also extremely excited and happy at the same time.

This is one of the most confronting dreams I've ever had. It's not nasty, not scary, but its just making me think so much. Clearly it indicates I've got a burning desire to make a change don't ya think?


Ms Smack said...

Seems to me that a new road is facing you, or about to face you. Maybe it's about taking that risk, and weighing up the challenges of that.

People are really scared to change the norm of their lives and yet stuck in a rut.

Do it, I say. You've probably got a strong safety net that's invisible to the immediate eye.x

The Mutant said...

I'd say you need to lay off the junk food before bed and thow an exta blanket on to ward off the cold.

I could be wrong however.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Mr. I love confronting dreams like that though. Maybe you should make a change...

cb said...

I certainly don't recommend Alaska for a gay man.