Monday, July 6, 2009

Bullet points mean never having to construct full sentences

My weekend in bullet points;
  • Work drinks Friday night - boozey but not trashed
  • Nado's is outrageously expensive - $17 for a burger combo is a rip off no matter how boozey you are
  • Home in bed by 11:30pm. Sleeping the sleep of the drunk and horny.
  • Saturday shopping excursion - new work shoes, new dressy pink shirt to wear out, new undies
  • Early Saturday night drinking with strangers at Fat Louies - met one of my readers and his partner. $3 basic spirits, bad karaoke, lots of fun. Nice guys all round.
  • Dinner at Kalibar on the Valley mall - Three cheese pizza, and a cocktail called "The Bad Boy" - just an alcoholic Cherry Ripe. Very yummy.
  • Off to the Beat. Already very drunk. Proceed to get drunker.
  • Off to the Wickham. Very very drunk by this stage, proceed to get even drunker. Make out with hot guy I used to work with.
  • Off to the Monestary. Get bored, go back to the Wickham.
  • Pash on with hot work guy again.
  • Pash on with tall guy called Guy.
  • Pash on with hot work guy.
  • Pashing on with both guys until I just got over it and decided to leave.
  • Decided that I needed to walk home at 4:00am with no jumper.
  • Got to Bowen Hills station and got the first train.
  • Slept through my stop.
  • Found a great bakery on my trek home that had the best sausage rolls and chicken pie ever.
  • Walked in the door at 6:30am.
  • Slept until 3:00pm.

I am still feeling the effects today. Want to curl up under my desk, but it ain't gonna happen.


The Mutant said...

You call that a weekend?

Actually, that's not a bad efort at all, now just clear something up for me, when you say you were pashing on with both guys, you mean like at exactly the same time, right?

C'mon... make my dream come true ya filthy whore!

Kevin said...

Wow all these new clothes where are the pics!

Gavin said...

Glad you had fun. I think my friends like you better than me now. In your honor Claire has started a blog, Andrew makes a point of mentioning you when i say "going out" and Bob keeps hinting to have you over.

You're still mine first and foremost though ;)

Clairebear said...

lol well, I didnt so much start a blog in his honor (sorry), I had it up weeks ago, but you did inspire me to actually write something in it lol
blogs are good when they actually have writing in them lol