Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally.... someone to blame for all the urine on the floor

Introducing the newest housemate in the poofter townhouse - Miss Poppi;

She pisses all over the floor and chews on the coffee table, but she's fucking cute.


Ms Smack said...

Oh she's just gorgeous!

Buy her some chewy toys for those painful little teeth she is suffering through.

Wee? At least you have tiles! LOL


FletcherBeaver said...

That is such a gay dog.

Ben said...

Smack-she has soooooo many toys already (though denta bones seem to be doing the trick). The peeing is getting better, she'll learn eventually.

Fletcher - you haven't met my housemates. It could have been far far gayer.

Anonymous said...

Why were you urinating on the floor and needing somenoe to blame?

The Mutant said...

Awww, she has the same bad habits as you and I, plus the same endearing qualities too... bless her little cotton socks, or at least the puppy equivalent thereof.

vag_of_madge said...

Cute pup, though I would have gone for a Papillon or a Pomeranian - way cuter.

I do love her perplexed look though; perhaps she's confused as to why you've matched a red collar with a blue leash - call yourself a gay man!

cb said...

My new favourite name for small dogs is "Paprika"!

Ben said...

Tom - well my man guests were leaving wet patches. Now I can blame the pup.

Mutant - are you saying I poo in the corner and snort alot when walking up the stairs? Well I never... actually its all true.

Vadge - I blame my straight gay housemate (he's gay but so bloody straight when it comes to these things). When his partner arrives home it will surely get changed.

CB - possible names for her included "Schnitzel" & "Princess". Miss Poppi is the name the breeder gave her (Tee hee... I said breeder)

RG said...

Your puppy is cute as hell! You know, you never really own a Pug, they own you!

So, have you bought her any cute outfits yet? Don't lie - you know if you haven't you will!

madhouse 6 said...

fucking cute as hell indeed.


phishez said...

She's so cute. At least she's not a poodle.