Monday, May 18, 2009

Is there a really a Dog up there?

So I've been doing some soul searching of late. My rampant boozing and excessive random sex parties are starting to leave me feeling empty and alone. I found this great site that has answered all of my philosophical and theological questions;

The Official God FAQ

I think there's something in that for all of us...


The Mutant said...

Well that's my life problems taken care of, I didn't even need to soul search, I got the answers dropped right in my lap. Brilliant!

DamienNZ said...

I have to admit to a little crisis of faith at the moment.

I actually believe in G-d - but he doesn't seem to believe in me lately.

A little soul crushing I must admit :(

Anonymous said...

UMM............. Yes........ Yes I need further detail of these 'sex parties' for verification? and PICS!

cb said...

Um, are there random sex parties hosted In heaven?

Ben said...

Mutant - please sned me $200 immediatley for solving all your issues. I am a highly un-trained professional, and I'm not a charity.

Damien - i hope things turn around soon for you. Big hugs.

Tom - there will never be pictures.

CB - of course not. Poofs all go to hell, and as such hell is going to be great.