Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nerds are sexy...

Two great new shows have started on pay TV in the last couple of weeks. Both are very different in their story telling, and challenge the basic notion of TV drama, and both star a couple of nerdy/geeky hot guys.

First off is Chuck, staring yummy Zachary Levi
Chuck works as a computer support guy in an electronics superstore when he accidentally absorbs the combined secrets of the CIA and NSA... making him potentially the most dangerous man in the world. He gets caught in a lot of James Bond type adventures and of course, manages to screw them up because he is no secret agent.

Its lots of fun, and Mr Levi is all kinds of hot (he actually played Kipp in "Less than Perfect" - all preppy and slicked back hair. I like him both ways). Defiantly worth a look.

Second is Pushing Daisies with the very sexy sounding Lee Pace ( he has the best voice);
Lee plays Ned "The Pie Maker" who has the ability to bring back people from the dead with a single touch. But if he touches them again, they die, this time forever. He has a great little scheme going on with a PI where they bring back the dead and then collect the reward money.

Things go off course when he brings back his first ever love from the dead- Chuck (a chick) and they start falling for each other - but alas, they can never touch.

Pushing Daisies is very very different TV. It was originally going to screen on Channel Nine, but its far too "different" to be shown on that network. It has some very bizarre narration and some of the plot twists are very bizarre. But I like it.

Two nerdy hot men, two very different TV shows.

I love having pay TV.


Paul said...

You should see Lee Pace in a dress. He is fantastic in "Soldier's Girl".

cb said...

I love BOTH shows. Chuck is one of my current favorites, and it's still going strong here.

Pushing Daisies is quirky and fun. Too bad it got canceled here. :-(

Ben said...

Paul - I could just shut my eyes and listen to Lee read the phone book to me... love his voice.

CB - I forgot Pushig Daisies got canclled already... it's a shame because its soooo different to the other crap on TV lately.