Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm ballooning more than Oprah at an all you can eat rib bar...

I'm so sick of my weight fluctuations. Why can't I just keep going down, instead of this bullshit where I'll drop under 95kg, then back up an extra kilo, then down 1.4, and then up a little bit more?

But each drop does seem to take me down closer to my goal. I just want to be 90kg. It's only 4.4kg fucking kilos to go. Why does it have to be so hard?

Because Jesus hates me, that's why?

My Easter weekend of total boozy debauchery wouldn't have helped (even though I didn't have a single Easter egg). So much beer and scotch and sambucca really isn't gonna help the weight loss.

And then there was all the recovery McDonald's after each nights piss up. Hmmm... hangover double quarter pounder.

Oh.... but I will prevail. I will lose these massive love handles. I will be more tone and less jiggly. I will no longer be embarrassed to take my shirt off in front of strangers.

I will be thinner.

Now... time for afternoon tea. Where's my sausage roll and large ice coffee?


The Mutant said...

I'm so over watching my weight. I watch it go up and I watch it go down in rapid-fire quich succession. I'd like to know hows it is possible to bounce by 3.5 kg in the space of a couple of days. I'm sure the total weight of the food I'm consuming would be less than that. I also hate doctors scales which make me fat. Sigh, I'm so upset at being a blimp... pass me another doughnut would ya?

Inner North Power Bottom said...

You're not fat!!!

Ben said...

Mutant... fuck the donuts, just drink the batter raw, washed down with some cold deep fryer fat. Tasty.

INPB - that "F" word is banned. Other "F" words are used with regularity.

Anonymous said...

hahahah!!!! We are living parralel lives! I was finally 89kg, my goal......... then after my 30th birthday week I gained 3 and now I'm fucking 92, argh!


cb said...

Dude, I'm right there with you on the weight thing.

Oh, and Jesus hates you because you touch yourself at night.

phishez said...

Um. Yeah. I also gained over the easter break. But it was worth it. IU enjoyed every calorie. More than that, I enjoyed not caring about the calories I was consuming.


But its also been a kick in the pants to watch what I eat, and to amp up the gym work. Which I've needed to do/pay attention to for quite a while now.