Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"A tragic waste of time and energy"

Well, well, well - my little stat counter ticked over 10,000 hits last night. Impressive considering the crap that I put up here.

To celebrate, here's a hot man;

Hmmmm, Aussie Bum models.

Lets look at some stats;

  • There are 263 published posts, with almost 100 still sitting in draft
  • My first post was the 2nd May 2008 - and it was an old post from my Myspace blog.
  • "7 countries that end in Y" is the most common keyword search
  • Zeke Kinski and all his shirtlessness is also a common reason people pop up on here, as is "Tranny Legs" and "Nun's Panties" (seriously - WTF with the Nuns?)
  • I think my first regular commentators were Kezza and Andy.
  • I'd turn straight for Ms Smack and Phishez (though I haven't blogged about her yet)
  • A porn blog has linked to me in the last month. Strange. (And not you Tom - I don't count your blog as porntacular. You make me laugh too much)
  • I have no gag reflex.

The reflective, introspective posts have dropped off in recent weeks, just too damn busy with work, so you'll just have to deal with random videos and strange pictures until I get my arse back into gear.


The Mutant said...

Hooray for being amongst the first, better still though... You have no gag reflex? Why didn't you mention that sooner. You sound more and more like my kind of man with each passing day!

PS Congrats on the 10k mark. This call for booze and men with sloppy morals! You get the beers, I'll take care of the rest!

Josh said...

Gee whiz, I think he's hiding a grapefruit in there.

Nanna said...

When are we going to see pix like that of you, Ben?

phishez said...

Ooh. I like how you celebrate. You should celebrate more things - breathing etc.

You have no gag reflex? Has it always been that way, or have you become acclimatised to going past it?

Andy Man said...

Oi! Where's my hyper link? Am I not good enough to have a snazy little blue line under my name? Well?

Ben said...

Kezza - In the future you can say "I knew him before he was famous for his numerous humerous novels, and being found dead in "that" compromising position"

Josh - haven't you seen the "wonder jock"? It enhances a man where he needs it the most... so he's probably only got a lemon in there.

Nana - if you want to come round and see me in my blue Aussie Bums you're welcome to... but its still not a pretty site.

Phishez - It's become less sensitive over the years of, um, practicising with bananas

Andy - you don't have a blog dip shit. Found a link for you though. Click away.

Anonymous said...

lol thanks for the props Ben! haha

I'm drafting a horny post about gag reflex today......

My sitemeter is approaching 200,000 but it's mainly because I whored myself to naughty blogs and they to me

Nanna said...


All your other viewers would be jealous then!

I think you should just post the pix here and appease everyone at once!

Ms Smack said...

Congratulations Ben! That's a fine achievement :)

Madam Z said...

A grapefruit? You guys are just jealous! That looks like a hefty kielbasa to me.

(I had been preparing to offer you my congratulations for reaching 10,000 hits, but I got distracted.)