Friday, May 2, 2008

Countries that end in the letter "Y"

Let's revisit some of my favourite old postings from myspace (From June 27, 2007 - I'm too lazy to write anything new right now)

Actually looking for 7 countries that end in "Y"? Click here

Kat and I went down to the Hammo Hotel last night for some healthy dinner (Hmmm hamburger and chips), and play some dodgy pub trivia.

I love trivia. Just love it. Seriously.

I always win trivial pursuit when I play during a blackout with the family (cause you wouldn't want to play it any other time because it's gay).

And I'm really good at the those late night Quiz Mania shows - though I've never picked up the phone to try and enter. Not at $3.95 a minute.

And never Hotdogs.

And pictionary - is that even trivia? I don't know but my team always wins pictionary, even though I can't draw for shit.

I am seriously a trivia genius, usually. Not last night. We sucked big time.

Who the hell was married to Anne Hathaway? Isn't she the chick out of the Princess Diary movies? No, she was married to William Shakespeare. Hmmm. Old dead people, that's not trivia.

Who is married to Julie Andrews - Captain Von Trap of course.

Name all 5 original fruitloops flavours. We put green, purple, orange, pink and red. What they're not flavours? Purple's a flavour for fuck sake. At least we got one point for orange.

Who were the first two people to climb everest and survive? We put Edmund Hillary (knew that was right). 2nd answer? Jesus.


Our crowning glory came with the following question - "Name seven countries that end in "Y"". Ms Surmon leans over and in the most serious whisper I have ever heard, says,


Pure, unadulterated, worthy-of-entry-to-MENSA genius.

Sadly, we only came up with one (Italy) and out of desperation put down Kat's answer hoping for a sympathy point. Which we didn't get.

Weirdly the things we got right are so very out of scope for me and Kat. Anything to do with the bible we got full points (save the Jesus climbed Mt Everest answer). Golf questions were also a winner.

The final question - "What 80's pop group were originally known as "2 Tons of Fun"?" -

The Weather Girls - I got it right.

I'm so gay.


tam said...

I just pissed myself laughing. that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Your strange