Friday, February 13, 2009

Can I get extra cheese on that?

Americans don't rate high on the culinary scale in my opinion. Sure, they have given us some very yummy fast food delights, but you generally don't give much thought to a nation that serves corn dogs (our Dagwood Dog) with maple syrup as a breakfast item.

So to back up my claims that the USA has absolutely no taste, someone has gone and created a lovely little site called This Is Why You're Fat. It's kind of like a cook book without the recipes but chock full of pictures that will either make your mouth water, or make you vomit instantly.

Lets sample some of the tasty offerings;

The Bacon Donut... this is what I imagine a herpes ridden vadge might look like.
The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza - Oh. My. God. This one actually looks quite tasty, in that holy fuck, I just ate 70 trillion calories and now my heart is about to seize up as the vast quantities of fat clog every single artery and vein in my body, kind of way.

The waffle dog - a Dagwood dog that has a waffle as its crust. What is it with Americans combining the sweet and salty? Bacon on their pancakes? A hot dog with a sweet waffle and covered in tomato sauce? Yuck.

And finally;

A pizza vending machine. That's just fucking lazy.


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeewwwwwww! I'm clutching at my ample chest just looking at that crap.

Andy Man said...

I want a pizza vending machine for my lounge room. Classy and helping me to my six pack figure

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything here..... except your criticism of the pizza vending machine.......... My God, I MUST have one!

Victor said...

Tombstone Pizza

The pizza seems well named!

Josh said...

Ugh... I feel gross just looking at these pictures.

phishez said...

That's almost as bad as Fingers' mushroom pizza with added butter.

Ms Smack said...

omg, that's hideous.