Monday, December 8, 2008

You're OK with my naturist lifestyle right?

Well my long and often deadly search for a new place to live has finally come to an end.

OK, so it wasn't that long a search. I only spent about three hours checking out listings on line (avoiding the one that stated "I'm a nudist and expect you to be the same"), and actually only visited three places, so it wasn't too taxing.

House one was nice - he was straight, muscle-bound and very chatty. He slipped into conversation that he was at Global Gathering the weekend before and completely off his chops. That immediately put my hackles up - I could imagine him being an angry violent man when he comes down off his drug binges, and I don't want to live like that. Plus his house had a funky smell to it.

House two was just a dump. Horrible wallpaper, horrible yard, horrible bathroom and kitchen. I think the girl knew it wasn't for me. I didn't stick around very long.

House three was the best - 3 bedroom town house with air con and a pool. Pay TV and broadband internet included in the rent and a nice long-term gay couple to share with. I instantly got a good vibe off them and we chatted for almost an hour.

And Jesus actual likes me this week, because house three have accepted me as their new housemate and I move in on the 20th.

I'm very relieved that I've found somewhere. Now the cleaning and packing beings in earnest.

But the sad thing about all of this that my poor puppy has to go live with my parents again. Mum isn't too pleased about it, but I think dad is secretly happy to have her back. Though she drives me insane sometimes with her digging and whining, she's my pup and I love spending time with her. But she'll have more company with my semi-retired parents around the house all day.

It'll be a sad day when I drop her off and leave her behind.


Andy Man said...

Moving house sucks balls. I hate it so much.

Why didn't you search for a place where you could take the dog?

Kezza said...

Moving sucks and trying to find a decent new housemate sucks - just be careful moving in with a couple that they don't gang up on you. I'm sure you'll be fine though - at least the search wasn't too tedious for you.

Gabriel said...

or you could divorce a partner and have monthly custodian visits over the weekend. she'll be in a much better place with your parents.

Nanna said...

Did you find these 2 on Gaydar?

Are you sure they aren't looking for a third for their 3some?

I wonder how long till the wine and ruphies are brought out!!

(Did you check out their closet for the racks of Bondage gear??)

Ben said...

Andy - share places in Brisbane with dogs are getting harder and harder to find. I toyed with just renting a house on my own, but I've not had time to budget adn save up the entire bond. This is a quick fix

Kezza - one of them lives OS for three of four months at a time, so I think it should be fine. Except for the three weeks he's home and then I expect them to never leave the bedroom.

Gabriel - I'd hate to go through that sort of thing. It makes it sound like she's dead the way you put it!

Nanna - god I hope so. Tie me up and call me a whore. Oops. Did I just say that out loud?