Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wetter than a Nun's panties at a Manpower show...

After Sunday's bitch of a storm you'd think things couldn't get any worse for Brisbane.

Another storm hit last night and we got between 200ml and 2500ml of rain in a two hour period... that's fucking insane.

Flooding is rife at the moment with lots of major road ways are closed. This is the Inner City Bypass (ICB) tunnel... completely flooded;
So they've shut down the entire ICB, as well as parts of the Ipswich Motorway, the Centenary Highway, and the Warrego Highway.

Train lines are fucked too with major land slips around several stations, so they are using buses to carry people... along the highways that are shut.

They have also shut the King George Square Bus Station - Brissie's newest and biggest bus station cause of water damage too.
Now they have issued flood alerts for several rivers too.

The bad news.. more storms predicted for this afternoon, and the rest of the week.

Fuck. Better buy a boat.

(Pic from the Courier Mail)


Ms Smack said...

I think I told you that I used to live in Brissy eh? I am amazed at the photos that have been captured at the disaster! Doesn't help that Brisbane is SO HILLY!

Hope you are safe, and hey, look out for the old woman across the road that's on her own. She might be scared shitless.

Kezza said...

Holy shit, that is some seriously full on gear going on! And here I am bitching because of the last few drizzly days! Remember to wear your gum boots outside wont you, sounds like the clean up will be massive but I hope you're okay out of it all.

Mick said...

Completely misleading post title mister... got me all excited for a second.

Hope you and the family are all ok up there in Bris Vegas

Andy Man said...

It took me forever to get in to work today... I'm western suburbs and it was just hell all along Moggil road.

No damage to the house though... dog was scared shitless with all the thunder.

Ben said...

Thanks everyone... we've come out completely unscathed from both storms so far... didn't even lose power.

Smack - your old suburb got hammered bad last night... lots of house with the roof torn off. The old lady next door is fine... we had a chat over the fence this morn.

Kezza - No gum boots but was trying to run in thongs in the wet, so looked like a complete spaz.

Mick - Nuns get you excited? Tell me more.

Andy - My pup doesn't get scared at all in storms. It's a blessing really - a big fat labrador going spastic in the thunder would have been a nightmare.