Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We're on a road to no where...

I have just spent two hours on a bus to get to work. TWO FUCKING HOURS.

I caught a bus from Greg's at 6:30am to arrive at Bracken Ridge campus at 8:30am. That's pretty fucking ridiculous considering its all of 20km's away and the drive would only take 25 minutes according to Google maps.

I had to go all the way into the city, and then get another bus and go past his place out to the Northern suburbs. No direct route for me.

Now with a crap coffee (I don't remember flat whites coming with froth and chocolate sprinkles thanks very much canteen lady), and the slowest computer in the place to work from I think I am in for a very shitty day indeed.

At least I got to wake up happy.

1 comment:

Kezza said...

Didn't you get the email? From now on every coffee comes with froth and chocolate sprinkles, tea too.