Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Give him a sponsorship deal with Gillette...

Wow. What a difference a shave makes.

Manly's grand final hero, David William always looked like a big, scruffy, smelly mess. Yeah - I don't dig facial hair. Especially when it looks like this;
That was Dave at one of many celebratory parties earlier this week. Not hot at all.

But then one his team mates got to him while he was sleeping, and shaved off all that pubic hair from his chin. He now looks like this;

Wow. Hot, hot, hot. A bit of stubble is nice, but that before pic was absolutely ridiculous. So much more doable now.

He apparently likes a good smooch too;

Actually that headline and accompanying story from The Daily Telegraph really shits me - they decided to play up the gay angle because he went and gave each of his team mates a peck on the cheek after being told he's got a spot on the Kangaroo's squad.

So he's not a big blokey bloke that only does the "three back pat" hug and doens't show any form of emotion or feelings. It was a nice gesture to his mates, nothing more.

Don't bother making stories out of nothing.


Kezza said...

Instead if getting stuck into the Daily telegraph for running with the gay angle, just let your mind wander a little and explore some of the possibilities there.

He really does look more doable with just a bit of stubble, but I don't mind the wild unkempt facial hair look either, it's all animalistic and neanderthal-like. I mean just picture that, working up a sweat, grunting away on top of you, suddenly becomes a whole lot more appealing huh?

Ben said...

Oh, I've let my mind wander - don't worry about that. Hmmm.... I'd give him much more then a celebratory kiss on the cheek. Well not the one on his face anyway