Friday, October 3, 2008

Quit harshing on my vibe man...

Since I've met my boyfriend, I've been going out a lot more than I used to. It's not like I'm going and getting trashed and waking up in a pool of vomit like the bad old days, but I am finding myself in licenced venues two or three times a week with a beer in my hand.

So I was out on Wednesday night with him and a couple of his mates playing pool and listening to tragic karaoke at the Sportsman Hotel (drunk gay boys are really bad singers btw). I had a few sensible drinks (light beers interspersed with Diet Cokes) when I saw a guy I had dated briefly come waltzing in.

I smiled and waved at him - but he stared straight through me. His body language gave off the vibe that he'd rather eat his mother's own excrement than acknowledge my presence.

Shot down Benji. Shot down big time.

Wow. I wasn't expecting him to run over and start chatting like old friends, but seeing as the Brisbane gay scene is still rather small, and everyone knows of everyone else, I would like to try and remain on speaking terms with people.

For some reason though, this non-interaction really bought down my mood. I was winning at pool, I had a nice little beer buzz happening, I was out and having fun with my boyfriend - but now I just felt completely uncomfortable and ill at ease and that really pissed me off. But why did it effect me so much?

I suppose it was naive to expect a friendly response, but am I that vain that I can't accept it that someone doesn't want to be my friend?

So when someone proposed we move to The Beat to watch the jelly wrestling, I think I just about ran out the door.


Kezza said...

Sorry, I can imagine there is some kin of bewilderment going on there, but all I got from that was jelly wrestling and beats... easily distracted I know.

Maybe he saw your hair and decided not to talk to you?

Ben said...

No, not a beat, but "The Beat Megaclub" - seriously that's a gay club up here.

Massive place with great drink specials but too many drugs.

Kezza said...

I know it's a nightclub, but a girl can dream can't she?

Ben said...

Hmmm... if you're dreams often involve jelly wrestling in a public sex scene, then I'd hate to be washing your sheets.

Kezza said...

No you wouldn't... You'd love every minute of it!