Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm special

I am so damn tired today. I've already had three coffees, but I've got to get another paper written by tomorrow morning and my eyes are just about falling out of my head. So what to do?Go back over to the good cafe and get a jumbo triple shot latte of course - yeah I am that fucking tired. Hopefully that will give me enough caffeine to spin some shit data into a workable brief.

It was rather busy for this time of afternoon - four other people waiting before me, so I positioned myself to watch the coffee maker at work (I never call them baristas, as I am not a wanker).

Anyhow - I noticed that she was making nice little designs on every one's hot frothy beverage - a nice little leaf for you fat lady, here's a special star pattern for you Mr Comb-over, and this one's a zig-zaggy thing I just made up dandruff boy.

So what did I get? A love heart.

Aw... shucks.


Kezza said...

By the sounds of it you've bought so much coffee there recently, you got a love heart because you're paying the deposit on that bitches new Porsche!

phishez said...

Mmm. Coffee. I had a quad shot of coffee the other day. The barista's had to ask me three times if I really wanted a quad shot.

It was like sex. But not.