Thursday, September 25, 2008

I think a lack of meat has killed brain cells

The crazies over at PETA need to stop licking toads and get some fresh air. The staunch vegetarians have decided that we all need to stop using cow's milk and start ingesting dairy products made from our own species. That's right, human breast milk.


They have decided that the first people that need to adopt this bizarre practice are ice cream manufacturers. This extract comes from their site;

"...we wrote a letter to the good people at Ben and Jerry's, asking them to switch from cow's milk to breast milk. We explained that using cow's milk for their ice cream is a hazard to consumers' health...Feeding cow's milk to children...may play a role in the onset of anemia, allergies, and juvenile diabetes..."

Ben and Jerry's is a very successful ice cream chain with stores all over the US and Europe and have some very yummy flavours up for grabs. But can you imagine the sheer volume of milk they go through to produce their product? How many lactating mothers would they need to have on site to expel that amount of breast milk? I'm not sure how much milk a ladies titty produces in a standard breastfeeding day, but it surely can't be much.

Does human breast milk even have the same properties as it's animal equivalents? Can you make butter or cream? Can I try some Brie or Gouda made from the boob juice of cranky, hormonal woman who hasn't slept for the past six weeks ?

So many questions. So many answers that make me want to vomit.

(Thanks to Joe.My.God for the orginal post)


Kezza said...

I think thats a great idea, my parents can convert their already struggling dairy farm so that they purchase and milk 200 head of lactating women... Honestly. PETA, I hate to break this to you, but your beat-up on dairy cattle is unwarranted, I've been on plenty of dairy farms (I mean literally hundreds) in my life and it is very rare that cattle are treated inhumanely, as for the potential effects of giving milk to kids, well thats one for the parents to decide, and hopefully they won't be switching their children to cows milk until they are well and truly old enough.

I know PETA does do some good work, but at the end of the day they are an extremeist organisation who seem to have little or no regard for the livleyhoods they destroy.

jenny b said...

thats really gross. wouldn't it make the icrecream taste funny?