Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kill me now...

I have steadfastly refused to see the Sex and the City movie until now, but the man wants to see it, so I will probably end up watching it with him on DVD or something... sometimes you have to give a little.

But the one thing I will not see is Mamma Mia. Never ever ever will I watch that heap of crap. Old hags singing Abba songs in the Greek Isles does not make a movie. And I hate Pierce Brosnan. He is a complete wanker.
So imagine my chagrin when lying on the couch with the man, when an advertisement came on for a new version of the movie. "A new version?" I asked, "surely it's not a director's cut or something already?". No people, it's worse. Much much worse.

It's a "sing along" version. Basically they super-impose all the lyrics to the songs up on the screen so all the old bats and poofs that have gone to see it can burst into song and join in with the utter crapulence.

It's Abba for fuck's sake. Get a life.

Seriously, I'd rather go watch a Wil Anderson stand up gig then watch that movie with morons in the crowd singing along.

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