Friday, August 1, 2008

Jesus wants me to be a pedestrian

I have no luck with cars. No luck at all. It maybe something to do with the fact that I run every car that I ever get my hands into the ground and do next to nothing to look after them.

Lets look at my sad history with vehicles over the years;

Orange XD Falcon - my first ever car. Bright orange hand-me-down from my brother (who got it from our grandfather) - I destroyed the transmission. Reapirs were more than the car was worth.

Gold Gemini - possibly my best car ever. Apart from my blowing the welsh plug on the Warrego highway one day I never had any issues with it. When I moved onto the commodore, I gave it to my brother-in-law and it lasted for many more years.

White Commodore -side swiped the carport two weeks after buying it, so it had a massive scratch down the passenger side that I never got around to fixing. I also killed the power steering, the fuel pump died, destroyed the radiator, then ran it up the back of a ute on the ICB two years ago 2 days after getting the radiator fixed. I got almost five years out of it. Washed once I think.

Grandma's Magna - for a loan vehicle, I had so many issues. Brakes went twice, ran out of petrol twice (damn petrol light came on two seconds before it actually stopped).

Red Wagon - this was the worst purchase ever. Went through three batteries in 6 months, the cv joints went, the front passenger door opened by itself going around corners if you didn't lock it, then I just blew up the engine. $800 purchase price, was sent to the wreckers 8 months later.

Blue Commodore (the current car) - there have been mechanical and human issues associated with this one. Apart from not paying the rego in time and getting caught driving on a suspended licence (I got to say hello to judge Judy over that incident), the brakes went not long after I bought it, and it is now wanting about another $1500 worth of work to get it back on the road.

So since March I have been doing lots and lots of walking and catching public transport everywhere. If it wasn't for Kat breaking her leg, and letting me drive her car while she's been off, I probably would have gone insane.

Jesus hates me for being gay. Oh and killing that cat one time.

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