Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's my Birthday...

Oh joy, I've turned another year older. I now fall into the 31-35 year old bracket on the "are you interested?" application on facebook. Ain't that something to be proud of?

I actually don't stress about aging. Turning 25 was a big deal for some reason, but turning 30 last year was a complete non-event. I just didn't give a shit. Didn't even go out for dinner or have a beer to celebrate.

This year however is slightly different. We had a massive pirate and prostitute party on Saturday night (well medium is more appropriate a term) where every one sat out side and froze around a slowly fading fireplace. I think it was way too cold for anyone to dress up as a pro, so we had lots of pirates (there's still 8 pirate swords left sitting on the couch).

Now that I fit into more clothes, I love dress up parties and I went all out for this one. We managed to find a gnarly looking fake full sleeve tattoo - Kat was gonna wear it, but I stole it, and I had a great fake parrot (named Patrice) and it looked rather fetching...

Apart from the cold, and the fact we ran out of fire wood, I hope everyone had a fun time.

And then for my actual Birthday (today) I got to wake up next to the awesome man I met last Tuesday night. He cooked me breakfast and just makes me so happy in general. Considering we only just met 6 days ago, but have had 5 dates in that time, I really hope he sticks around. He is making Benji so very happy.

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