Thursday, August 14, 2008

And so the dance begins...

Tuesday night Kat and I went down to the KP (the Kedron Park Hotel for the non-locals) and enjoyed a great steak and a few quiet beers - it was a really nice evening, but unfortunately the few beers I had gave me a taste for more, and I ended up heading out to the Valley by myself.

And that my friends, is never a good idea.

Now, I have no issues about going out on the town alone. Most gay venues are super friendly and more often than not you'll bump into a drunken casual acquaintance and have a friend for the evening. The only problem I do find is that there is no one there that knows me well enough to tell me to slow down on the sambucca shots, or to tell me that guy really wasn't looking at me and to leave him alone before he calls security or to simply go home.

Many nights recently I have ended up alone and trashed at the Beat making out with many strangers and then getting depressed because no one wants me and then drinking more, having my jeans stolen (long story, may tell it one day) and spending a small fortune on vodka and redbull.

So it was with some trepidation that I decided to make an evening of it on Tuesday night - but away I went. It was bound to be busy as it was Ekka holiday on Wednesday and there were heaps of acts and events on around the place.

Sure enough I bumped into Jade, a random chick who I only know through drunken bar chats at the Beat, but is always happy to see me (I think its because I buy her a few drinks every time). And sure enough the night got very blurry after happy hour finished.

I do recall going up to Family, and paying my $18 to get in, and then being pissed that it wasn't busy (though a really hot dude did buy me a scotch) - so I quickly headed back to the Beat, and ended up pashing on with this rather tall hot looking guy for the remainder of the evening.

At closing time he says he's coming home with me, and we stumble off to find a taxi. What ensued when we got back to mine was actually a very very hot time (details will not be divulged), and when he left at 2:30 the next arvo, I quickly got his number and gave him mine, and asked him to call me some time.

And this is where the dance begins for Benji... I really liked this guy, but do I have to be the one to make the next move? Does that make me seem needy? Am coming on to strong if I text him the same day, or even the next day?

And what do I say in the text? Do I simply say "thanks" like it was some sort of business transaction or I'm simply thankful for any action I do get? Or do I make a funny little Benji quip to show him I have a sense of humour and potentially scare him off because my sense of humour is at best hard to work out? Or do I say what I'm thinking - "Do me now"?

So many questions, no easy answers.

And lets look at the facts of how we met - we were both trashed, both forgot each others names after the first kiss and we met at the Beat. Not the best possible way to start a relationship. Who says he is even looking for a relationship? He may have just wanted a root and never wants to see the drunken slurry he just hooked up with again.

Oh, but the gay gods were smiling on Benji on Wednesday afternoon - he texted first! On the same day! And after several texts back and forward over the last two days, we shall be having dinner and a movie sometime soon.

Fingers crossed... I'd really like this one to work out.

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