Friday, August 8, 2008

I hate your guts...

Music news this morning that neo-psychedelia rock darlings, Wolfmother have a bit of a tiff and are breaking up. reports that bassist and keyboards player Chris Ross (right) is leaving the band because of ongoing clashes with curly-haired singer Andrew Stockdale (centre). An official statement from the band's management talks about "irreconcilable personal and musical differences" being the cause.

In other words Stockdale is a cunt, and Ross is over finding pube-like hairs all over the tour bus and on his tooth brush and in his cornflakes. That would make me spew too.

I never really liked the look of Stockdale. He wears too many scarves and is way too skinny. Plus people with hair that big and curly always looked suspicious to me. Possible puppy murders.

On the musical differences you know Stockdale probably wanted to use naked Flemish nuns slapping each other with smoked eels on the next album while Ross wanted to use the sounds of pygmy goats bleating while being milked by the Amish.

Musical creativity at its worst.

So Ross is off to form a new band, with the drummer Myles Heskitt (the hottest one of them all) and Stockdale is gonna look for new band mates and keep putting out records as Wolf Mother. He reminds of that kid at school that used to get shitty and take his cricket bat home and try to keep playing by himself because all the other kids thought he was a stupid cunt.

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