Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't make me stab you...

Have you ever searched in vain for a teaspoon in the office only not to find one and then decide to use a pen to stir your double shot soy caramel latte, and then the pen gets all sticky and the coffee actually tastes a bit plastic-y and all you can think is I'm probably drinking some hand sweat right now?

No, that has never happened to me, but these nifty little inventions will help you out if you ever are at loss for usable cutlery again.

Simply attach them to your favourite writing implement and stir, fork or cut away. Your hand sweat will still end in your coffee though, especially when you buy those big arse mega-sized grande things from Star Bucks.

I'd like the knife and fork - one of my stupid office locations has absolutely no forks in the staff room. Tonnes of knives and teaspoons (I actually saw the Director eating a salad with a spoon last week). And the damn canteen charges 20 cents for a plastic fork - tight arse pricks.

The knife attachment could be dangerous though. I could see myself stabbing one or two cunts in this place and then simply hiding the evidence in my pocket.

"It wasn't me officer, all I have in my hand is my trusty black biro, with some blood on it. There's no way it could have caused that sized wound to her face".

Two hours to holidays and counting.

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