Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Watch out! It's a panphin!

Is it a dolphin? Or is it panther? Neither, it's the newest super creature, the Panphin.

Some dude got a dolphin tattoo covered up with a panther tattoo and Merrick (from Sydney Nova's Merrick & Rosso & Kate Ritchie brekkie team) deemed it to be a "Panphin" the most dangerous water creature ever.

I'm pretty sure this abomination of God would be dead in a matter or seconds in the water... we all know cats can't swim. Well, they don't like to get wet, so I automatically assume they drown quickly (note to self - weekend experiment)

And if you put it on dry land... it would just flop around like like a dieing mermaid with serious upper body hair issues and bad teeth.

The Panphin, sadly was not the first attempt at creating an unholy super-creature... the Monkitten was.

It farted a lot (kind of like Kate Ritchie) and scared the children (just like Rosso) so had to be put down.

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Andy Man said...

"It farted a lot like Kate Ritchie"... she'd do stinky one's I reckon.