Thursday, July 24, 2008

I made this especially for you...

I really sucked at cake decorating in high-school catering class. I just don't have the patience or attention to detail that it takes to make a great looking cake (though my Miss Piggy kid's cake kicked arse).

So I was very happy to stumble across a little blog called Cake Wrecks and it is full of supposedly professionally created cakes for special occasions.

So lets look at my favourite cake - Asian text, flies, and a great mound of chocolate icing that looks like a pile of shit.

Is it supposed to be a turd cake? What does the text translate to? "Happy birthday shit head"? "I wish to take a dump on your chest and smear it on your face"? Who knows? But it is a very bizarre cake to request.

There are some true monstrosities on the blog. Makes me never want to order a cake.

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