Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yet another unfunny TV comedy coming our way

Surely you've seen the teaser ads by now? A SMS is received saying "Mark Loves Sharon" over and over again, or the big screen at a footy match shows the same message. Intriguing? Not really. Annoying? Very.

But what the hell is this ad for? Is it a new show featuring Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim? Nah... that could be funny. Is it a sports chat show featuring Straughny? Nah... Peter Helliar's run out of jokes.

Well TV Tonight have answered my questions - it's a new mocumentary type show based around the Mark Wary character from the Wedge. You know, the one that always appeared at press conferences badly reading apologies for doing something wrong? And his manager is always beside him being embarrassed by his stupidity? You know - the really really really unfunny one. Really, really, really, REALLY unfunny.

Mark is played by Jason Gann (he's a Brissy guy I think) - but this is the only pic I can find of him in the character. Is he so embarrassed by the whole concept that he has no publicity out there for the show? I know I would be.

The show premiere's on Ten Monday 30 June at 9:30pm. That means Big Mouth actually gets pushed back 30 mins for this potential load of crap. I like Big Mouth.

I'll probably watch this, just to see. I wold dearly love to be wrong about it. I would love to see a new Australian comedy get up and wow the world (a la Kath and Kim or Summer Heights High), but I'm pretty sure it won't.

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