Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daywalker - not a ranga with no freckles

Saturday night. Sitting around the lounge drinking with Bec, Tristan and Katrina. Some how the term "daywalker" comes into conversation. Poor Benji gets laughed at for suggesting it may actually be a vampire that can go out in the sun.

"What a foolish, foolish man" the room chorused. "How ridiculous to think such a thing Ben. You certainly are retarded." Lots of thigh slapping at Ben's expense.

So cunts. From Wikipedia comes this interesting definition;

"A daywalker is a vampire which, for various reasons, is immune to the effects of sunlight and is able to operate during the day.”

What is potentially more ridiculous is Tristan's definition - a red-headed person with no freckles.

Ps - this may not be a true representation of the exact conversation. It may have been dramatised to make me seem less stupid. But I was still right. Cunts.

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