Monday, June 30, 2008

Battle of the Choirs... what a load of shit

I really need a job in TV - not just as a runner or a research guy. Give me a job as director of new shows or something like that. Because I would not allow crap like Battle of the Choirs to get on the air.

Let's look at the issues with this program in a logical order;

1. David Koch - he is a tool.

2. It's yet another "panel of expert judges" making comment on the performance of non-professional people putting themselves on the line. Think Idol, So You think You Can Dance, Australia's Got Talent etc, etc, etc. Same basic format.

3. David Koch - he is a fucking tool.

4. Choral singing is boring. Putting a group of people on stage and watching them sing all earnestly with wide-eyed enthusiasm just doesn't do anything for me. Adding the stupid hand gestures and movements just makes it look even stupider.

5. David Koch - I fucking hate Kochie. All we need is a special guest judging appearance by Melissa Doyle and it will a complete and utter piece of shit.

I am amazed this rates so well. It's always top ten for a Sunday night - but it is up against Big Brother and 60 Minutes, so it does cater to the people who hate BB and don't do serious current affairs.

But the thing that really gets me is this seems to be yet another thing the gays are loving. There must be something seriously wrong with my gay brain as its yet another gay thing I can't tolerate (Celine Dion, musicals being some of the others).

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