Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You know its true when someone posts it on Facebook...

My boozing is still a big problem that I am having trouble controlling. The most recent escapades started on Australia Day eve and ended on Sunday night.

The problems are being compounded at the moment by the amount of cash I have on hand - my redundancy pay is fast being eaten up by boozy nights out.

It doesn't help that I am in fact a very generous friend. Now that there is spare cash, I am shouting far too many people. I shout them into clubs, I shout them expensive drinks. For some friends I am returning the favour after many years of propping up my beer when we're out. Others are simply taking advantage.

So as an attempt to not only save money, but also get some alcohol free days into my liver, I have signed up for Feb Fast - 29 days of no drinking.

And to show that I am totally serious about this - I have posted my fundraising link onto Facebook.

You know its serious when its on Facebook.

Wish me luck!

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Ruby said...

in an effort not to be in my mid 20s without a drivers' license, I've been getting my hours up, driving around Fri-Sun ... and not binge drinking and partying it up as usual.

Might I just say, that after a week I've lost 3kg and my skin looks fantastic. I highly recommend detox time!