Saturday, June 26, 2010

And you have a diseased liver?

A bottle of red, some scotch, some shots, and then a drunken tumble and I end up looking like this;Sad thing is, I have absolutely no recollection of how it happened. No one saw me leave the party, and the first thing I remember is sitting in the Valley Mall police beat with an ambulance officer treating my gashed head.

I need some help, or I am going to end up dead.


Damien Oz said...

Mate - please go see DR Graham Lister at Central Brunswick Medical and get him to enroll you in a mental health programme.

You need assistance.

The Mutant said...

You clown... who do you think you are, me? Leave the acrobatics to the ugly kids, it doesn't matter so much when they damage their faces.

Look after yourself Puddin' you're not much good to us if you're not around!

heat said...

Been there more times than I care to admit.