Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Complicated...

So I met a man.

We went on a date.

It was nice, very nice. No bedroom shenanigans. Just a quick peck on the cheek and the promise of another date in the near future.

So three days later we meet for another date. Yes it was fast, but he made all the moves. And once again, very nice. I got boozy on wine and started to get very touchy, so I took him to a gay bar where we made out like teenagers for hours.

He dropped me home, we did something naughty in the car, but no bedroom shenanigans again.

Then the man goes overseas for two weeks. He emails me every day. We share, we learn.

This is looking to be promising.

The man finally returns home, and we meet up as soon as possible, at his insistence.

He certainly knows how to push my buttons.

Date three was spectacular. Nothing more can be said.

Really... could this be going somewhere?

The next morning, he rolls over in bed and comes clean about his ten year relationship that he doesn't plan on ending any time soon.

I still went on the fourth date.



The Mutant said...


What a motherfucker.

I'd be less inclined to go back there - of course you could just shift your perception slightly and embrace good company and good sex with no strings attached.

Still doesn't make him any less of a cunt. Who does he think he is anyway, me????

phishez said...

Oh Ben. I couldn't help it. I laughed. Clearly he's a keeper.

Nanna said...

Yes, ouch!

Did he come back from Italy or somewhere?

Did he respond to the name "Husbear" ?

Maybe he was just getting even? :)

Anonymous said...

Don't go on a fifth. Seriously. I was biting my tongue, but a fifth would be bad.

Fuck, by all means, but doing the dating motions when you know it can't go further.

Deep down you want more, you know you want more, even though you say you're fine with keeping this guy in a no touch box, you want more, so don't torture yourself by going on another date with him.

Come get trashed with me, then point him out so I can beat him up and feed him to my cat.

cb said...

As I have continually maintained, Once you pass a certain age it is impossible to find a decent guy who isn't already in a relationship... Or straight.

Anonymous said...

For fuck sake..... Where do these arseholes come from? Why do they so this to people? Steer clear Ben, he'll just hurt you xxx

Clairebear said... ouch.
Ugh, this is bad territory. BAD I tells you...I have, unfortunately, been there. Havent we all? don't torture youself with it hun.
You deserve far better.
I think (and yes im about to give my unsolicited opinion here), that you should just erase his number and conveniently disappear from his life. Fair enough on the fucking front in different situations, but you have already established a connection to him - short of leaving it lie, most people cant get past that.
Give me his address and I'll go annonymously castrate him for you :)

Nick said...


Volacious said...

I was enthralled by the story, and I have to admit that I laughed out loud at the end!

Anonymous said...

Arsehole! He's lied to you already - by not disclosing - it's only down hill from here. You deserve better!! x

JULIO N. VOGEL said...

you should have a father who cares about you with some good rules like

The Gay Canary said...

first time reading your blog, love it, but what a fucker, by all means keep shagging him but he really should have told you from the off.
10 yr relationship my ass, am sure he is with this guy for 10 yrs and they have an open relationship, but you should know this from the start - asshole !!!!