Saturday, August 22, 2009

They call me Quick Draw McGraw...

My night's out on the town can be rather confusing and drawn out. SO here's last night's events in an easy to read time line format;

11:00pm - Enter the Wickham Hotel with housemate and mate.

11:02pm - Start sucking face with a cute younger gentlemen.

11:10pm - Leave Wickham Hotel with cute younger gentlemen.

9:00am - Cute younger gentlemen leaves my room.

It's been a while, but I even shocked myself with the swiftness of that pickup.

Ps - It was freaking great.


The Mutant said...

I hope your pick-up speed isn't indicitive of your 'drop off' speed.

Then again, he did stay until 9:00 so I guess not.

Clairebear said...

wow, thats impressive.
I'm putting that in the book as the new record.

Anonymous said...

Good Job.

Now of course, that is the smackdown. I have to try and get someone to want to go home with me in under ten mins.

You've started a war buddy

phishez said...

I find casual sex to be kind of lie pizza. Always great, and just soo much better when you can just dial up for a delivery.

Pun not intended, no matter how awesome it is :)

Victor said...

So the drought is well and truly over.

cb said...

Two minutes from entry to "entry"??


unique_stephen said...

My faith has been restored