Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Australia's Got No Talent...

Lets get things straight. Australian Idol shits me to tears. Wannabe singers destroying great songs (and a huge number of shitty songs too) all in an attempt to garner a craptacular record deal that will be absolutely worthless and provide no longevity in the music industry (hello Casey Donovan, medical receptionist).

The fact the Kunty Kyle Sandilands managed to get his sizable arse fired from the show did nothing to excite me this year. It was just bound to be the same shit every Sunday night until the 17 year old Hill Song devotee is announced as winner.... boring.

Then they announced the new judge last night. Mr Jay Dee Springbett;

Wow. The ex-pat pom, R&D man for Sony BMG London is my type of man.

Baldy head? Check!

Nice and tall? Check!

Hot accent? Check!

Penis? Um, hopefully check!

That's all I need really.

He apparently is on the chunkier side of hunky (40 inch waist....meh), and is a dedicated family man (bugger), but I think he is one hot looking guy.

He looks like a shy, non-egotistical gentleman that would buy you breakfast the next day as a thank you for the many, many, many hours of hot man sex where he does horrible, nasty, sexy things to you as he whispers filthy nothings in that hot pommie accent into your ear.


But sadly, even with this hotness filling my TV screen, Idol still just isn't worth watching.


Clairebear said...

...I shall try not to take offense at those remarks, mister :P

Ben said...

Um... there are so many offensive things in this post, I can't work out which ones you don't like. I shall just have to apologise for every single one of them...

Clairebear said...

haha I was just being silly and referring to your dissing of Aust. Idol.
But see if *i* was on idol, *That* would be entertaining! LOL

Anonymous said...

reaor he's totally bum fuckable!

AndrewC said...

Thank you for replacing the C with a K!

Victor said...

I have never seen an episode of Idol; which is amazing considering all the crap television I spend hours watching but this new judge certainly does look cute.