Friday, May 8, 2009

I deserve the nobel prize for this...

After being a little bit down yesterday, and after reading some blog posts of some people who are doing it much tougher than me, I have developed a formula to help anyone get through the tough times.

1. Buy a Baked Jamaican Chocolate Cheese Cake from the Cheese Cake shop (or substitute it for any non-low fat sweet treat you prefer);
2. Get a steaming hot cup of coffee;
3. Sit down with no less than one friend;
4. Eat your cake, drink your coffee
5. Discuss life.

I have just completed this simple 5 step process with my work colleagues and am feeling much better for it.

I will save the world. One cheesecake at a time. I am your new Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up, THAT'S the kind of religious philosophy I can get on board with!!

DamienNZ said...

I am all for this.

I'll have some cheesecake whilst I see Star Trek tonite ;)

The Mutant said...

Coffee? Really coffee?

Would it work the same if I traded the cheesecake for a packet of Peter Jackson Select Blend and swapped the coffee for cask of cheap hooch from Aldi?

Coz that's what I'll be doing!

Anonymous said...

I will put my versatile hat on for you and make you grin !!!!!!!!! :)

Victor said...

Praise the Lord, I've seen the light....and His name is Ben.