Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Would you a soothing head massage with your burger?

Holy crap... the things you see in a McDonald's while you're stealing their free Internet.

McDonald's are about to start selling aromatherapy oils through out all their McCafe locations. The first offering is supposed to smell exactly like “freshly baking pastries”.

According the blurb on the poster (yes I'm reading signs in Maccas's now) bakers in McDonald's test kitchens felt a” noticeable increase in their well being” while cooking certain products, particularly pastries.

So Macca's made the logical leap and developed a fucking aromatherapy oil that matches their McCafe philosophy of helping their customers relax and unwind.

Ummm... Ok.

Apparently they're releasing it online first via, before it goes to the stores, so if you're really really really hanging for the smell of grandma's homemade cookies all through the house or office.... go for it.

It just makes me wonder what the hell McDonald's are going to come up with next? I'm hoping it's going to be fully licenced restaurants so I can can get a vodka frozen coke to go with my triple quarter pounder for those hang over days.

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Nanna said...

Ummm... You didn't read this sign on APRIL FOOLS DAY, did you?