Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love technology....

Sigh. The last two and a bit weeks of life without the Internet have been hell. No blogging, no random chats with men I'm never gonna meet (apart from Mr Power Bottom of Inner North Brisbane - that's an in joke btw), and my quota of porn.

So it was with glee that I stumbled across this nifty little site that combines half naked men and iPhone technology... Guys With iPhones.

Behold technology in all it's glory;

Loads and loads and loads of hot muscular men, some doodle, lots of bums.




The Mutant said...

You're such a child! (don't ever change)

So, are you on the site yet?

Honestly where do you find this shit?

Ben said...

Of course I'm not on there... I don't own an iPhone.

I'll never change... I can see me in my 80's still looking at porn and talking crap to who ever will listen.

Andy Man said...

You should be on there. Espeically after your performance on the dance floor at fluffy on sunday night. You have more than enugh muscle to display mister.

Josh said...

God Bless the Internet.

And Apple, apparently.

cb said...

You should check out the blog "Idle Eyes and A Dormy" (in my blog roll)

He solicits pics of guys in underwear for his blog every monday.

I may or may not contribute.

Of course, we don't look like THESE guys.

Ben said...

Andy - my shirt was firmly on all through that Fluffy event. No one needs to see my bits wobble in time to britney.

Josh - amen to that

CB - I will have to check it out, maybe not at work though. DOn't want to get another letter about looking at inappropriate sites.