Friday, April 3, 2009

Ever hear of a rolling brown out?

Is it a prerequisite that all teen sex comedy's have the following;

Nerdy cute looking virgin boy?
Arrogant fuck wit over sexed older brother that makes nerdy virgin's life hell?
Nerdy virgin's female best friend that he has a crush on?
Nerdy virgin's male best friend who is butt fucking ugly but seems to have no trouble getting all the sex he wants?
And the ubiquitous road trip to go find some skanky internet girl to go lose nerdy virgin boy's virginity?

Well yes, yes they do, and Sex Drive is no different from the rest of the sex comedies that have come out since American Pie.

I got a copy of the extended version of Sex Drive to review... and oh my god I have struggled to watch this load of crap.

But after I got over the first 20 minutes of so called character development, this actually got stupidly good.

All the usual sex, poo, wee, and vomit jokes a side, they have actually managed to make a fairly good and unique DVD experience.

There is so much random nudity – a naked woman will casually jog down the street, a naked man juggling at the carnival etc. Lots of boobs, bush and cock for everyone.

I also love how they've kept all the bloopers and outtakes actually in the movie. There's quite a few scenes where the cast start cracking up and you can hear the crew giggling.

The funniest part of the whole thing though is when the Male Best Friend picks a trailer trash hottie and she handcuffs him to the bed and asks “Ever hear of a rolling brown out?” and then proceeds to shit all over his chest. So classy, yet so funny.

Overall, Sex Drive, was much more fun then I expected. It'd be great with a six pack of beer, and a few stupid friends to watch it with.

Freebie Alert...

Thanks to Sony, I've got a copy of Sex Drive to give away..... Tell me your favourite teen sex comedy one liner/scene for a chance to get your hands on this stellar piece of cinema.


Anonymous said...

I have an admission.......... I like to think I have a sophisticated film taste, I love films so much.... But I won't lie..... I fucking LOVE these films lol..... Anything American Pie gets my vote.... Does that make me bad?

Ben said...

I'm the same Tom... sometimes its fun not to think, it you certaily don't need to think about this one.

Plus you get to see doodle!

cb said...

I've wondered if I should queue this in my netflix... guess I will.

phishez said...

Um. I love the scene in Road Trip where the nerdy virgin guy hoks up with the plus sized black chick. Especially the bit afterwards where he sniffs her circus tent sized underwear in the bus the next day.

Andy Man said...

Not so much a sex comedy, but in Scary Movie 1 when his cum shot blows her into the ceiling with its ferocity is pretty fucking funny.

Ben said...

Phishez for the win... Road Trip was a classic, and those undies were freaking huge.

phishez said...

Woot! I won!

Ben said...

Send me an email with your mailing details Titt's McGee, and I'll get the PR company to send you the porn...