Friday, March 20, 2009

And now a word from our sponsor...

Hello Australia, I'm John Laws.

If you've got an Optus prepaid mobile (and of course, you are in Australia), make sure you top up your account anytime on Saturday 21st march or Sunday 22nd March. You'll a bonus $50 credit for any recharge over 30 bucks.

If you've ever had a prepaid mobile, you'll know that's a sweet deal. Lord - I've had more prepaid mobiles than I care to remember. I always seem to drop them in the toilet, wash them, let the dog chew on them, or drunkenly throw them into the middle of a busy street and see them get crushed by cars.

Does any one remember when you used to have to buy a little credit card sized recharge thing, and scratch off the panel to reveal the code? And every second card you bought used to not work and you'd have to drive all the way back to the servo just to complain, and they never believed you?

Or was that just me?

But anyway... go get your recharge after midnight.

For full terms and condition, head on over to Optus Big Weekend.

Ps - Don't forget to vote tomorrow if you're in Queensland.

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